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Right to cancel

The purchase of digital content is subject to the same right to cancel conditions as other products. According to “Consumers Purchases Cancellation Act”, you have a 14 days withdrawal period from the moment you complete your purchase with us, however, limited by when the downloading of the product starts. If you choose to exercise your right to cancel, a full refund will be made within 10 working days. For more information regarding your opportunity to exercise the right to cancel, please see additional information on the right to cancel on the Consumer Council’s website

Proprietary rights

KarateDirect holds all rights to trademarks, patents, designs, content and other intangible rights associated with the company and the website. Any form of copying or redistribution of digital or analogue material is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted.

Membership fees

As a member, you pay a periodic fee or a set amount related to the individual product you buy. Each product is considered an independent purchase. The fee for an ongoing subscription cannot be changed until the time of renewal of the agreement period. The membership is exclusive to the user and cannot be used by others. Any abuse will be subject to prosecution.

If there is any suspicion of a breach of the terms of the agreement, the membership may be terminated or closed. An ongoing subscription to a service of a set period of time cannot be cancelled for the duration of this period. Payment for the subscribed period will not be refunded, except in cases that falls within the right to cancel.


Our streaming services and training videos are prepared by skilled instructors. However, you are still accountable for the consequences of your own training. Pay special attention if you have injuries or are in any way ill, pregnant or in other ways at risk. If in doubt, please seek medical advice. All offers and content on the website are provided without guarantees of quality or functionality to you as a member.