Exercise when it suits you

Karate live

Do a half-hour high-pulse workout at our popular karate home training, or follow a tough three-hour session with great variety. In addition to our weekly trainings, we will also broadcast live sessions where you can get instructions in preparation for grading in Wado Ryu karate.

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Pre-course in karate

Introduction to Karate

Do you want a fun form of exercise that quickly gets you in better shape, and also curious about karate? Then you are welcome to take our introductory course in karate that you can complete at home from your own living room.

Here you will get a thorough introduction to what karate really is about, history, how we train, what you will learn and much more.

Upon completion of the introductory course, you are very well prepared to sign up and participate in a beginner course at a WIKF karate club near you.

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Improve your karate

Karate plus

This is the offer for those who want something more in karate.

Are you wondering how to generate more power in your techniques? Or what is the right breathing technique, the best stretching exercises or tips on mental training to make you even better at karate?

Then Karate plus is the right offer for you!

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An encyclopedia for Wado Ryu practitioners

Wado Ryu from A til Z

Why do we train Junzuki that much? And what does the movements in the kata actually mean?

Here we have put together everything about how the techniques should be performed. We thoroughly cover everything that is included in the syllabus for the various belt degrees, and in addition you will find courses that cover the advanced techniques within Wado Ryu.

This encyclopedia is made available by our most experienced instructors in Wado Ryu, and gives you a unique access to knowledge on how to do the techniques correctly.

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