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A digital training offer in Karate, presented by our best instructors

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“Words and action, like wings to a bird, are never separate from each other.”

“Words and action, like wings to a bird, are never separate from each other.”

Hironori Otsuka(1892 – 1982)

A unique training offer

  • Weekly online trainings you can attend from home
    Karate at home offers a good and effective high intensity online karate and fight training that you can attend from your own living room. There is a new class every week and it’s suitable for any style of karate. There is also a video archive with all previous trainings available.
  • Wado Ryu techniques class

    You will get a comprehensive introduction and documentation of any aspects of Wado Ryu’s advanced technical platform. The classes will cover anything from basics to advanced kihon kumite, knife defense and kata. Suitable for Wado Ryu students at all levels

  • Access to articles and documentation

    You will find articles and documentation covering techniques, history, principles and a lot of other topics that will be interesting for anyone involved in budo, and particularly karate. Relevant for any style of karate

  • Wado grading classes

    Our Wado grading classes will cover the entire syllabus for all levels. Detailed documentation and video instructions will, in combination with guidance from your club, provide a good foundation for a successful grading. Covers all Wado Ryu kyu grades.

  • Meditation, yoga, training tips and advices
    Training karate is training the whole body, both physically and mentally. Here you will find general training tips to improve physical performance, stretching exercises, how to improve mentally for fight and a lot more. Suitable for any style and budo forms.
  • Self defense
    Learn simple and effective self defense techniques. Our classes is suitable for all, regardless of being an experienced martial arts student or not. The descriptions of the classes will define relevant target groups.

Latest updates:

Access to some of the most experienced karate instructors

Seniors sharing their experience

Instructors have decades of experience teaching karate at high level – additionally instructing beginners classes. You will get access to syllabus, theories and training that you will find nowhere else.

Affordable training

If you select to train with us regularly online you will pay far less than for a single training with a personal trainer at the gym.

Gain deeper knowledge in traditional karate

Karate history, fight strategy, meditation and breathing techniques are interesting subjects that there are usually limited time to cover in regular trainings in the dojo. Here at Karate Direct you can gain deeper knowledge in karate theory whenever it suits you the best.

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  • Black belt seminar May 2021 (from 3rd kyu)


Feedback from some of our students

Trening som er tilpasset en hektisk hverdag

KarateHjemme er akkurat det du trenger for å holde motivasjon og treningslyst oppe i en vanskelig treningsmessig periode. Glimrende!!

Irene H. Flønes Lege

Et svært bra treningstilbud

Jeg deltar ukentlig på karatetreninger online. Dette er et glimrende tilbud av høy kvalitet, og jeg anbefaler dette til alle som ønsker en allsidig og morsom trening i sin egen stue.

Ronny Meyer CEO

Our head instructor,

Sensei Cato Bruarøy 7.dan

Cato Bruarøy is a Norwegian karate norsk karate practitioner and instructor. He is European champion in Wado karate (2006), world champion in Shito Ryu karate (1999) and Norwegian champion. Bruarøy is the head instructor for the karate organization WIKF Norway, he has been head of technical committee for the Norwegian Martial Arts Association and Norwegian representative and instructor for the Israeli Military System of Self defense – Krav Maga. He has been practicing karate since he was 12 years of age and is currently a 7th dan black belt. He also practice and teach the Chinese forms of Taiji, Qigong and Taijiwuxigong.