May 29 2021 it’s time for a karate seminar again!

At last it’s time to meet for a karate seminar for higher ranking karate kas. This time it’s going to be in a digital form, and this will be the first of three online karate seminars this year. Instructor will be sensei Cato Bruarøy 7. dan.

This seminar is relevant for the higher ranking karate kas from 3rd kyu and up, and will include important and basic principles in Wado Ryu and some of the most important techniques, sanbon, ohyo, khion and advanced katas. Duration is about 2,5 hours including a 15 minutes break.


Agenda for seminar May 29 2021

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Upon purchase, you will have access to live training from one of our very best instructors. You will also have the opportunity to send questions to sensei Bruarøy during the broadcast. In addition, you have access to the content for 30 days after the broadcast has ended.


kr 495.-

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